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Queen procession brought back memories of Diana's funeral - William









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Queen procession brought back memories of Diana's funeral - William

The Prince of Wales said walking behind the Queen's coffin "brought back a few memories" of his mother's funeral as he spoke to well-wishers in Norfolk.

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Prince William said it had been "challenging", as he and the Princess of Wales viewed floral tributes left outside Sandringham House.

He and his brother walked behind the gun carriage in Wednesday's procession, echoing Princess Diana's funeral.

Members of the Royal Family conducted visits as official mourning continued.

After viewing some of the hundreds of tributes to the late monarch, who died last week, outside the gates at Sandringham, Prince William and Catherine spoke to those gathered there.

Speaking to one woman, Prince William said: "I mean the walk yesterday was challenging, it brought back a few memories..."

Among those he spoke to was receptionist Jane Wells, from Long Sutton in Lincolnshire, who said she had told the prince how proud his mother would have been of him.

"He said how hard it was yesterday because it brought back memories of his mother's funeral," she said.

Caroline Barwick-Walters, of Neath in Wales, said she told Prince William "thank you for sharing your grief with the nation", and that he replied "she was everybody's grandmother".

Prince William, then 15, and his brother, Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex, then 12, walked with their father, King Charles III, behind the coffin of their mother, Princess Diana, in September 1997.


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