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Face mask requirement scrapped at Isle of Man health and care sites









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Face mask requirement scrapped at Isle of Man health and care sites

People attending health care appointments on the Isle of Man are no longer required to wear a face mask, Manx Care has confirmed.

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The healthcare provider said the move was in line with guidance from the UK Health Security Agency.

The relaxation covers hospitals, GP practices, outpatient clinics, dentists, opticians and care homes.

Mandatory face mask wearing at all health care settings was reintroduced in June after a spike in Covid cases.

The island saw a quadrupling in the number of people with the virus in the wake of an influx of visitors during the TT period.

Rules for staff at health and social care settings have also been relaxed, although specialist clinical areas where the coverings will be still be required will remain clearly signposted.

Executive director of nursing and governance, Paul Moore, said the decision was in line with the approach in place at UK NHS Trusts.

He said: "Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do, and so if some members of the public wish to continue wearing facemasks in our settings, we absolutely respect their decision to do so.


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